Market District Placemaking

Blueprint’s Market District Placemaking project is a comprehensive and transformative initiative aimed at enhancing the Market District Area. Divided into two phases, the project reflects Blueprint’s commitment to creating spaces that not only beautify the surroundings but also prioritize recreation, pedestrian safety, and a vibrant sense of community for years to come.  

Phase 1 is the implementation of the Market District Park. Phase 2 encompasses pedestrian safety and connectivity improvements that will contribute to a more accessible and interconnected community.   

Market District Park 

The Market District Park will create a vibrant community hub, offering a range of amenities that will cater to diverse interests. Residents and visitors can anticipate paths for running and walking, a shaded gathering space for community events, a dedicated play area for children, water play elements, open green spaces, restrooms and pickleball courts. This multifaceted park design aims to create a dynamic space that fosters community interaction, promotes an active lifestyle, and contributes to the overall well-being of residents.  

Pedestrian Safety & Connectivity 

Phase 2 of the project implements pedestrian safety and connectivity improvements throughout the Market District area. Proposed enhancements include an 8-foot-wide multiuse path along Maclay Road from Bobbin Brook East to Maclay Blvd, a proposed roundabout at the intersection of Market Street and Maclay Boulevard, enhanced lighting and landscaping along Market Street and Maclay Boulevard, as well as intersection improvements at Timberlane Road and Martin Hurst Road. These improvements are poised to create a safer and more accessible environment for pedestrians and cyclists, fostering a sense of community connectivity and promoting sustainable modes of transportation. 

 In Spring 2022, Blueprint completed an enhanced landscaped median on Timberlane Road.  Blueprint also conducted a number of studies to determine the feasibility of several placemaking improvements.  Each study reviews engineering feasibility and provides cost estimates for each potential placemaking improvement. These studies (links provided below) analyzed the feasibility of: A trail along Maclay Road; several roundabouts in the Market District Area; a limited access median along Market Street; and safety improvements at the intersection of Timberlane Road and Martin Hurst Drive. Blueprint coordinated with the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department DesignWorks division to develop initial streetscaping concepts for Market Street and a portion of Maclay Boulevard. 

 Feasibility Studies and Concepts 

 For information on the Market District Placemaking project read the project snapshot which provides a more comprehensive overview of the project and status. 

 Blueprint Project Manager: Sue Tanski 

District Park

Pedestrian Safety and Connectivity

Market District Park has been planned in coordination with the City of Tallahassee.  Specifically, the City’s Market District Multi-Purpose Stormwater Project. The City project includes the construction of two stormwater facilities, the West Pond and the East Pond. The work on City’s West Stormwater Facility began in March 2021 and has since been completed. The City’s East facility is currently under design.  Learn More about the City’s project HERE.