Market District Placemaking

The Market District Placemaking Project comprises two elements: The Market District Park, and pedestrian safety, trail connectivity, and streetscaping improvements.

Design of the Market District Park element is underway, based on concepts approved by the IA Board at the May 27, 2021, IA Board meeting.  For more info on this project, click here.

For streetscaping improvements, in spring 2022, Blueprint implemented an enhanced landscaped median on Timberlane Road.  Additionally, as a component of the project preliminary engineering phase, Blueprint conducted a number of studies to determine the feasibility of several placemaking improvements.  Each study reviews engineering feasibility and provides cost estimates for each potential placemaking improvement.  Final recommended improvements with budgetary impacts will be presented to the IA board for consideration and direction in early 2023.

These studies analyzed the feasibility of: A trail along Maclay Road; several roundabouts in the Market District Area; a limited access median along Market Street; and safety improvements at the intersection of Timberlane Road and Martin Hurst Drive.  Finally, Blueprint has coordinated with the Tallahassee-Leon County Planning Department DesignWorks division to develop initial streetscaping concepts for Market Street and a portion of Maclay Boulevard.

Feasibility Studies and Concepts

Blueprint Project Manager: Sue Tanski

Market District Placemaking – Park Element Snapshot

Market District Placemaking – Pedestrian Safety & Connectivity Snapshot

market district placemaking info graphic