Market District Placemaking

The Market District Placemaking Project consists of two phases. Phase 1 is the implementation of the Market District Park and Phase 2 is the implementation of pedestrian safety and connectivity improvements throughout the Market District. Click Market District Park for more information.

Potential safety improvements include roundabouts at key intersections, multiuse trails, sidewalks, and streetscaping and landscaping improvements.

A study to analyze the Market District in relation to streetscaping and intersection improvements has been completed as well the feasibility study regarding a sidewalk or trail along Maclay Road.  Additionally, the Capital Region Transportation Planning Agency (CRTPA) completed the study routes for the Thomasville Road Trail through the Market District, from Thomasville Road to Maclay Road. Blueprint will continue to coordinate with the CRTPA on this project.

To accelerate placemaking improvements in the Market District, funding was provided to implement enhanced the recently completed median landscaping on Timberlane Road, consistent with City of Tallahassee placemaking improvements being implemented on Market Street.

Click Market District Park for more information.

Blueprint Project Manager: Sue Tanski

Market District Placemaking – Park Element Snapshot

Market District Placemaking – Pedestrian Safety & Connectivity Snapshot

market district placemaking info graphic