Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency Board of Directors. CAC membership is established in the Interlocal Agreement, and may be amended from time to time, setting the minimum standards for the CAC. In 2001, the Committee was expanded from nine members to 12. In 2007, a member from the education community was added to the Committee and in 2016, three members representing the business community were added to the Committee.

Committee Members

  • Elva Peppers, Chair, Natural Scientist/Biologist
  • Kathy Bell, Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce
  • Christopher Daniels, At-Large Representative
  • Claudette Cromartie, Council of Neighborhood Associations
  • Mary Glowacki, Planner
  • Mandy Bianchi, Disability Community Representative
  • Sean McGlynn, Big Bend Environmental Forum
  • Jim McShane, Big Bend Minority Chamber of Commerce
  • Peter Okonkwo, Capital City Chamber of Commerce
  • Daniel Petronio, Financial Expert
  • Allen Stucks, Civil Rights Community Representative
  • Hugh Tomlinson, Network of Entrepreneurs and Business Advocates
  • Linda Vaughn, Elderly Community Representative
  • Robert Volpe, Planning Commission Designee

Responsibilities of the Citizens Advisory Committee:

  • Review work plan and programs for Blueprint and the Office of Economic Vitality projects
  • Review Financial and Performance Audits OEV Projects
  • Make recommendations to the Agency

Citizen Advisory Committee Bylaws

Citizens Advisory Committee Agendas