For more than 20 years, and under direction from the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency Board of Directors (IA Board), the Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (Blueprint) has been charged with implementing major infrastructure projects across the community providing numerous benefits for residents and visitors which positively impact our quality of life, natural environment and economic vitality.

The IA Board, comprised of the City and County Commissions sitting as one body, provides direction to Blueprint and OEV. Both divisions are administered by the Intergovernmental Management Team – the County Administrator and the City Manager.

Blueprint Impacts 

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Learn more about the projects through the Quarterly Project Reports.


NE Gateway: Welaunee Boulevard

Market District Placemaking

Enhancements will include a new community park; portions of the Timberlane Greenway; new sidewalks; pedestrian connectivity and safety; and gateway enhancements.

Northeast Corridor Connector: Bannerman Road

CCT Segment 3 History and Culture Trail

Orange/Meridian Placemaking

Will beautify public spaces and improve stormwater facilities in the area surrounding a planned StarMetro Transit Center.

Airport Gateway

Creates an east-west corridor across Lake Bradford Road to connect Florida A&M University, FSU, Innovation Park and the Airport to the urban core.