Technical Coordinating Committee

The Technical Coordinating Committee provides professional advice and technical expertise to the staff director on a project basis. The Committee, which is not a “Sunshine” committee, meets at least monthly.

Committee Members

  • Wayne Tedder, Assistant City Manager
  • Ken Morris, Assistant County Administrator
  • Cherie Bryant, Director – Planning Department
  • Brent Pell, Director – County Public Works & Community Development
  • Steve Shafer, Engineer – City Underground Utilities & Public Infrastructure
  • Jodie Cahoon, Manager – City Stormwater
  • Theresa Heiker, Chief – County Stormwater
  • Steve Palmer, Manager – Land Use and Environmental Services– City Growth Management
  • John Kraynak, Director – County Environmental Services
  • Greg Slay, Director – Capital Regional Transportation Planning Agency

Other staff may be added on a project-by-project basis.

Responsibilities of the Blueprint Technical Coordinating Committee:

  • Work with the Blueprint Director to ensure coordination with ongoing and future projects and any related issues
  • Review Blueprint project scopes and implementation plans and make recommendations to the Blueprint Director
  • Annually review other City, County and CRTPA projects to ensure coordination among agencies

Technical Coordinating Committee Rules of Procedure