Airport Gateway

One of Blueprint’s signature projects, scheduled to begin construction in 2023, is the Airport Gateway, envisioned to create a beautiful, safety-enhanced, and multimodal gateway between the Tallahassee International Airport and Downtown Tallahassee. The project includes improving seven miles of roadway, constructing over 13 miles of new sidewalks, trails, and bicycle lanes, and enhancing the safety of these corridors as an investment in Tallahassee’s and Leon County’s Southwest community over the next decade. This dynamic project further allows Blueprint to engage residents, businesses, and organizations in this area to be a part of creating an investment that provides benefits to those who live and work in the area. The Airport Gateway will also support the growth of the high-tech sector by improving access to Innovation Park through a transportation network that supports the forecasted growth in this area and increases the visibility of, and access to, the research centers and private businesses. The Airport Gateway will deliver an efficient and aesthetically pleasing route for visitors to access Tallahassee, and positively enhance the first impression of Tallahassee for visitors worldwide. Design services began in 2021 and initial construction is anticipated to begin mid 2024.

What Is Blueprint?

The Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency (IA) is a joint City of Tallahassee/Leon County agency, dedicated to addressing the community’s most pressing infrastructure needs. More…

Project Information

Project Documents

Project Segments

  • SEGMENT A: South Lake Bradford Road from Capital Circle SW to Orange Avenue
    • The proposed improvements to Segment A, 1.17 miles of South Lake Bradford Road, are intended to maintain and complement the rural, residential character of this corridor. Read More
  • SEGMENT C: New Roadway from Orange Avenue to Levy Avenue
    • Segment C is approximately 1.2 miles of new roadway linking Orange Avenue to Stuckey Avenue. Read More
  • SEGMENT D: Stuckey Avenue from Iamonia Street to North Lake Bradford Road, Levy Avenue from Innovation Park to North Lake Bradford Road
    • Segment D, approximately 0.5 miles in length, provides a connection from the new roadway to North Lake Bradford Road via improvements to Stuckey Avenue. Read More
  • SEGMENTS E and F: Springhill Road and North Lake Bradford Road from Orange Avenue to Gaines Street
    • Segment E (Orange Avenue to Stuckey Avenue) and Segment F (Stuckey Avenue to Gaines Street) include improvements to approximately 1.6 miles of Springhill Road and North Lake Bradford Road. Read More
  • SEGMENT G: Springhill Road from Capital Circle SW to Orange Avenue
    • Segment G includes approximately 1.73 miles of Springhill Road and involves the enhancement of the roadway to establish a primary gateway from the Airport to downtown Tallahassee. Read More
    • The University Greenway Trail is a 1.2-mile long shared use path with a 10’ wide prepared surface. Read More

Phase 1 includes Springhill Rd (Segment G) and the New Roadway (Segment C). Phase 2 of the project includes the remaining segments.

Community Engagement

The Airport Gateway is focused on bringing needed enhancements to families and businesses in the area ranging from sidewalks, trails, and bike lanes, to traffic improvements, landscaping, and more. The goal of the project is to create a beautiful, safe, multimodal Gateway between the Downtown area and the Tallahassee International Airport that also benefits residents and businesses.

Blueprint is committed to engaging families, individuals, and businesses in helping identify amenities that reflect their wants and needs. Discussions have been held with community leaders and advocates to communicate key upgrades and impact of all phases of the project, and to understand how communities will benefit from this investment.

Groups involved in these discussions include local neighborhood associations, churches, organizations, area elementary schools, neighboring businesses, and residents along the project’s corridors.


Abraham Prado, Project Manager at or by phone at (850) 219-1060.

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