Blueprint Impacts

The 2014 ballot language yields the Agency’s promise to the community to implement the infrastructure program in a comprehensive, fiscally sound manner:

“…To provide for projects designed to improve roads; reduce traffic congestion; protect lakes and water quality; reduce flooding; expand and operate parks and recreational areas; invest in economic development; and other uses authorized under Florida law; and to seek matching funds for these purposes, shall the existing one cent sales surtax within Leon County be extended until December 31, 2039, with project expenditures subject to annual independent audit and review by a citizens advisory committee.”

Under the direction from Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency’s Board of Directors (IA Board), Blueprint has been tasked with over thirty –two community infrastructure projects, that will be underway over the next five years. The projects total a value of more than $528 million and will be implemented to positively impact the quality of life, natural environment, and economic vitality for all Tallahassee residents and visitors. Blueprint’s promise to improve safety, increase pedestrian & bicycle facilities, reduce congestion on roadways, and increase parks and open spaces will be met by or before Fiscal year 2026.

Top 6 Metrics

  1. Developed 10 miles of new roadway and improved capacity 200 percent on nine miles of Capital Circle.
  2. Leveraged over $129 million in outside funding and completed 34 percent of projects (as of 2016) with outside funding.
  3. Protected 1,423 acres of environmentally sensitive land and, since 2003, opened over 250 acres of parks.
  4. Earmarked $50 million for water-quality projects benefiting the Lake Jackson, Lake Lafayette and Wakulla Springs basins.
  5. Constructed 4 1/2 miles of sidewalks and trails including the Capital Cascades Connector, which has facilitated nearly 662,000 trips, generated over 8.31 MWh and offset over 5 3/4 tons of carbon.
  6. Held over 150 community outreach activities during the last three fiscal years.

Blueprint IA Awards

Fiscal Year 2021

  • Urban Land Institute (ULI) North Florida Public Sector/Non Profit Project Award – Capital Cascades Crossing and Pedestrian Bridge
  • Urban Land Institute (ULI) North Florida Organization of Influence Award – Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency

Fiscal Year 2020

  • APWA (Local) Beautification:
    Orange Avenue/Meridian Street Site Improvements Project

Fiscal Year 2019

  • Florida Landmarks Council and the National Association for the Preservation of African-American History and Culture: Trailblazer Award (Smokey Hollow Commemoration @ Cascades Park)
  • APWA (Local and Florida Chapter) Project of the Year:
    FAMU Way Phase 2 Roadway Improvements & Capital Cascades Trail Segment 3D‐A
    Category: $5-$25 Million Transportation, Beautification & Multifunction Categories

Fiscal Year 2018

  • APWA: Florida Award of Merit
    Grassroots Initiative category: Blueprint Smokey Hollow Barbershop
  • Knight Foundation, Community Initiatives Grant Capital Cascades Trail – Social Spaces Project
  • The Florida Landmarks Council Historic Preservation:
    Smokey Hollow
  • 2016 American Planning Association, Great Places to Live Award: Cascades Park
  • 2015 National and Statewide APWA Award: Cascades Park

projects initiated and underway in 2020 will provide nearly 65 miles of bicycle and pedestrian facilities upon completion

Economic Impacts

  • Cascades Park, $35 million investment yields $353.6 million in Total Economic Impact at North American Properties Project
  • South Monroe/South Adams improvements yield private investment Happy Motoring
    happy motoring