Northeast Corridor Connector: Bannerman Road

The Northeast Corridor project includes funding the widening of Bannerman Road from Thomasville Road to Tekesta Drive. The funding covers right-of-way acquisition; construction costs; stormwater for roadway improvements; and land acquisition and construction of the Bannerman Trail Greenway. and portions of the Meridian Greenway. The project also includes sidewalk extensions on Tekesta Drive, along Beech Ridge Trail, and on sections Bull Headley Road and Chadwick Way.

Current Status: Currently, the project is undergoing re-evaluation to determine the feasibility of extending the widening of Bannerman Road from Tekesta Drive to North Meridian Road. The feasibility study is planned to be completed in late 2020.

Blueprint Project Manager: Megan Doherty

Consultant Team: RS&H

Project Snapshot – Northeast Connector_Bannerman Road


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