History and Culture Trail

The History & Culture Trail project will honor and celebrate the rich African American history and culture of the neighborhoods, businesses, and people in the areas surrounding the Capital Cascades Trail at FAMU Way. The project includes three components: 1) Interpretive History Stations 2) a new Community Gathering Space, and 3) Public Art Installations. Nine (9) interpretive history stations are planned that will display images, photographs, and historic information about the neighborhoods, businesses, and people living and working in the area; their historical contributions, and cultural impact. The stations represent six key thematic areas, or subject areas for recognition, along the trail:

  • Theme 1: Allen Subdivision
  • Theme 2: FAMU History & Civil Rights (includes honoring Dr. Charles U. Smith)
  • Theme 3: Villa Mitchell and Economic Engines
  • Theme 4: Boynton Still & Economic Engines
  •  Theme 5: Railroad Depot
  • Theme 6: Elberta Crate

Public Art

Blueprint and the Council on Culture & Art (COCA) developed a web-based prospectus and application to procure public artworks for permanent inclusion in the project. The call for public art opened on October 4, 2021, and closed on January 31, 2022. Blueprint will work with seven artists to craft murals and sculptures along the trail. Each of the selected artworks corresponds with a thematic area and artistically interprets the historical information presented in the stations. View the Selected Artists for the HCT:

  • Yasaman Mehrsa, “We Are All One”
  • Alisha Lewis, “FAMU Woman Activist”
  • Joseph Cowdrey, “A Stroll Through Seaboard Street”
  • Julia Sinelnikova, “Dream Waves”
  • Mark Dickson, “In Honor of the Worker”
  • Brad Cooley, Jr., “Tallahassee Jazz Tribute”
  • John Birch, “Wood Sculptures”

Community Gathering Space

The new Community Gathering Space will overlook the Regional Stormwater Facility on FAMU Way. The future pocket park will feature artist wood sculptures carved from wood reclaimed from the site.

Project Manager: Tatiana M. Daguillard 

Community Engagement

Link to Concept Plan: Click Here to Download

Project Snapshot – Capital Cascades Trail Segment 3 History & Culture Trail Project