Westside Student Gateway

Project Description

The Westside Student Gateway provides funding to improve Pensacola Street/Highway 20 from Capital Circle Southwest to Appleyard Drive. The project includes funding for stormwater improvements in the Gum Creek/West drainage ditch. It will create gateway features and network connectivity.

CRTPA Road Project Priority List for Fiscal Year 2024-2028

Project Status

Funding for PD&E for this project is currently 8th on the adopted CRTPA Road Project Priority List for 2024-2028.

  • The FY 2023 to FY 2028 FDOT Work Program has $1,600,000 programmed for a feasibility study of the Westside Gateway project limits in FY 2023, as well as $7,543,134 in FY 2023 – 2025 for a resurfacing project (Railroad Overpass to SR 366 Stadium Drive).

Project timeline quarters are defined as:


Westside Student Gateway map

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