Monroe-Adams Corridor Placemaking

This placemaking project will create safe, comfortable streets for pedestrians, transit users and cyclists along the Monroe-Adams corridor. This project builds upon and addresses the goals of the Monroe Adams Action Plan, adopted in 2011, which includes improving the appearance, comfort, and safety of public streets. In total, five streets connecting the Monroe Street and Adams Street corridors will be improved: Harrison Street, Pershing Street, Jennings Street, Perkins Street and Kestner Street.

 The first phase of the project includes preliminary survey work and concept design. Concepts will be based on the goals of the Action Plan along with the results of technical analyses and public engagement with stakeholders which includes Florida A&M University, surrounding communities and area businesses, among others.

Blueprint Project Manager: Eric Mason

Project Snapshot – Monroe Adams Corridor Placemaking

Monroe-Adams-Open House Video

Monroe-Adams – Conceptual Renderings