Capital Cascades Trail Segment 4

Project Description

Segment 4 of the Capital Cascades Trail is the final segment of this major Blueprint initiative that provides stormwater quality improvements and a trail network for the community. The trail extends from the historic Leon High School in downtown Tallahassee to Lake Henrietta on Springhill Road. This final segment provides stormwater treatment improvements for the area south of Orange Avenue and links to the trails and nearby neighborhoods and businesses. This project represents a continued investment in the city’s southside and supports walking, biking and other recreational activities.

This fourth segment will connect Capital Cascades Trail to the St. Marks Trail from adjacent neighborhoods such as the Bond, Liberty Park, and Callen Communities, making it easier for residents to access the new improvements and other destinations in the Southside. In addition, it will enhance connectivity on the eastern side of the Project, along Springhill Road, and provide access to Springsax Road recreational facilities, with a connection to the Jake Gaither Neighborhood.

Innovative Stormwater Technologies: A White Paper on Stormwater Management System Design Practice in Florida

Capital Cascades Trail Segment 4 Concept Plan

cct segment 4 map
This map highlights the trail’s general path, staying on publicly-owned property traveling from Lake Bradford Road to Lake Henrietta.

Project Goals:

  • Water Quality Improvements
  • Sediment and Trash Removal
  • Greenway and Neighborhood Connectivity
  • Recreational Trails

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