North Monroe Gateway

Project Description

The North Monroe Gateway Project will provide funding to develop gateway enhancements for North Monroe Street from I-10 to 7th Avenue, creating an attractive entrance along the heavily used corridor into Tallahassee, Leon County.

The Citizens North Monroe Corridor Task Force is a County appointed focus group charged with looking at key issues of crime, homelessness and improvements on the North Monroe Street Corridor from Fred George Road to Tharpe Street.

The Task Force final report had recommendations for infrastructure improvements along the corridor that will help support their findings and overall quality of life.

North Monroe Gateway Map

Potential Project Improvements:

  • Landscaping
  • Crosswalks and Pedestrian Safety Enhancements
  • Signage and Art

Project Status:

  • Since 2014 FDOT has invested $7.67 million in improving the corridor, with the majority of investment supporting the Blueprint 2020 project goals. Blueprint is currently working on a leveraging opportunity with FDOT to enhance the landscape from John Knox Road to Lakeshore Drive. Blueprint anticipates advertising the project for construction in summer 2023.

Project Manager:

Staff Contact: Michael Alfano

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