Martha Wellman Park

Applying the Blueprint philosophy promoting the integration of public and private stakeholder interests to work toward a common goal – supporting the sustainable use of natural resources – this much-needed stormwater facility was designed to function as a park as well. This project recognizes that highways coexist with other land uses. Cost-effective approaches to stormwater management can yield watershed protection and improvements that protect the health, safety and welfare of residents, as well as provide stormwater and groundwater-quality monitoring.


  • 5-acre park site
  • 3-acre pond: 70% of pond’s capacity provides retrofit treatment
  • 4,000-foot paved, multi-use trail
  • Seven refuge areas with benches and receptacles
  • Lamppost lighting
  • Decorative landscaping

The park is named for Martha Wellman, original Economic and Environmental Consensus Committee Member who served on CCSW Community Representative Group.