Franklin Boulevard

Through the Capital Cascades Trail Segment 1 Project, Blueprint Intergovernmental Agency has completed a number of enhancements along the Franklin Boulevard corridor. Since project completion in 2014, crucial enhancements along Franklin Boulevard, stretching from E. Gaines Street to E. Tennessee Street, have positively impacted the quality of life for residents and neighborhoods nearby. Added amenities include a multi-use trail, benches, water fountains with attached dog bowls, bus stops, and an improved intersection at Pensacola Street and Franklin Boulevard. Together, these features provide residents and visitors with increased safety, mobility, and quality of life. As part of the corridor’s enhancement, an 8′ by 12′ underground box culvert was installed to convey the stormwater flow underground and prevent flooding along Franklin Boulevard, increasing the safety of pedestrians and motor vehicles alike. Today, Capital Cascades Trail Segment 1 along Franklin Boulevard is part of the larger Capital Cascades Trail Project, designed to provide a multi-faceted, multi-use stormwater and recreation facility and connected trail network.

franklin blvd map

Before: Major flooding occurred in various areas along Franklin Boulevard, including the intersection at College Avenue, the tennis courts at Leon High School, and various ditch locations along the road, causing an unsafe environment for all.

After: The improvements made along Franklin Boulevard have increased safety and connectivity for pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles, and students at Leon High School.