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park flowers History & Culture Trail

The History and Culture Trail is a continuation of the City of Tallahassee’s commitment to residents as part of its investment in the development of FAMU Way, which included ample research and documentation to memorialize and celebrate the area’s history. This project uncovers and celebrates the underrepresented history of the neighborhoods, businesses, and people living in the areas surrounding the Capital Cascades Trail at FAMU Way. The project includes three components: 1) Historical Monuments 2) Public Art Installations, and 3) a new Community Gathering Space. The historical monuments display images and historical information about the contributions and cultural impact of the economic engines, community activists, and everyday people who lived in the communities highlighted. A dozen site-specific public art installations will complement the monuments and further reflect this area’s rich history. The new Community Gathering Space is a passive plaza that overlooks the stormwater pond near Lake Bradford Road. The plaza features hand-carved wood sculptures repurposed from live oak wood. The Trail will provide educational opportunities and one-of-a-kind interactions to increase awareness of a culturally rich corridor. The historical monuments and public art open a window into the experience of generations who have called the area home.

The project covers six subject areas:

Theme 1: Allen Subdivision

Theme 2: FAMU History & Civil Rights

Theme 3: Villa Mitchell Hill & Economic Engines

Theme 4: Boynton Still & Economic Engines

Theme 5: Railroad Depot & Community

Theme 6: Elberta Crate Factory


Project Manager: Tatiana M. Daguillard

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Public Art

Seven artists have been commissioned to craft 12 new artworks for the Trail. Each piece is site-specific and will help tell the story of the area it occupies. The murals and sculptures enhance the vibrant cultural landscape of the corridor and create new opportunities for engagement. Learn more about the seven artists selected for the History & Culture Trail, the artworks they created, and their creative process:

history and culture trail
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