Magnolia Drive Multi-Use Trail

This project provides multimodal connectivity along the entire corridor from South Adams Street to Apalachee Parkway. It is being constructed in phases and in coordination with utility improvements in area.

  • Adams Street to Monroe Street – Completed
  • Monroe Street to Meridian Street – Completed
  • Meridian Road to Pontiac Drive – Completed

The multi-use trail from Pontiac Drive to Chowkeebin Nene will be modified for the trail to cross at the traffic signal at Circle Drive, and a 5- to 6-foot sidewalk will be extended to Chowkeebin Nene.

This project includes a new traffic signal at Jim Lee Road and a sidewalk on the north side of Magnolia Drive, between Seminole Drive and Alban Drive. This will provide connectivity and safe access to the trail at the signalized intersection.

From Circle Drive to Lafayette Street, the 10-foot multi-use trail will cross at the traffic signal at Circle Drive and a 10-foot multi-use trail will be added on the west side of Magnolia Drive, north to Apalachee Parkway. Safety improvements to the pedestrian crossing at Chowkeebin Nene will be included.

Construction is scheduled to begin in fall 2020. A community meeting will be held in advance of construction to introduce the construction and project team, provide the construction schedule, outline detours or other impacts and address any concerns.

Project Manager: Junious Brown

Project Snapshot

Magnolia Dr Multi Use Trail